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2020 York Region's Top 10 Performing Schools 


2020 York Region's Top 10 Schools

Raymond Hau

Real Estate Coach, Broker & Founder of HAUS Group.  With over 15 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent...

Real Estate Coach, Broker & Founder of HAUS Group.  With over 15 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent...

Feb 15 3 minutes read

The annual Fraser Insititute report just came out and it's York Region’s St. Justin Martyr scooped a No. 1 ranking alongside 15 other elementary schools when compared to over 3,000 Ontarian schools.

St. Justin Martyr in Unionville scored 10 out of 10 when the institute looked at nine academic indicators from results of the annual Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) tests, which include reading, writing and math.

“We have selected this set of indicators because they provide systematic insight into a school’s performance,” the report said. “Because they are based on annually generated data, we can assess not only each school’s performance in a year but also its improvement or deterioration over time.”

1. St. Justin Martyr

The Catholic school scored 10.

2. Richmond Hill’s Silver Stream

It comes second in York Region, but ranked 17 provincially, scoring 9.9.

3. Markham’s Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys

It’s third on a York Region level, however, it’s 19th provincially, scoring 9.8.

4. Unionville's St. Benedict

It scored 19th provincially, with 9.8 as its score.

5. Markham’s Donald Cousens

It ranked 21st provincially with a 9.7 score.

6. Markham’s Stonebridge

It garnered the 25th rank provincially with 9.5 as its score.

7. Markham’s Coledale

It ranked 58th, with 9.0 as its score.

8. Markham’s San Lorenzo Ruiz

It ranked the 58th, with a 9.0 score.

9. Maple’s Michael Cranny

It ranked the 67th with an 8.9 score.

10. Unionville’s William Berczy

It ranked the 67th with a 9.8 score.

However, here is Ontario's top 20 list:

  • 1. Mississauga's Al-Risala Academy
  • 2. Toronto's Avondale Alternative
  • 3. Toronto's Havergal
  • 4. Mississauga's IQRA Islamic
  • 5. Ajax's Islamic Foundation
  • 6. Toronto's Islamic Institute of Toronto
  • 7. Cambridge's Islamic School of Cambridge
  • 8. Brampton's Khalsa Community
  • 9. Mississauga's Khalsa School Malton
  • 10. Dalkeith's Laggan
  • 11. Toronto's Northmount
  • 12. Mississauga's Safa & Marwa
  • 13. Toronto's Sathya Sai
  • 14. Unionville's St. Justin Martyr
  • 15. Oakville's St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn
  • 16. Toronto's St. Sebastian
  • 17. Hamilton's Islamic School of Hamilton
  • 18. Richmond Hill's Silver Stream
  • 19. Markham's Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys
  • 20. Unionville's St. Benedict

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