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HAUS Culture


Dedicated to improving the industry from the inside out. Our core values are firmly ingrained in our culture and guide our daily business practices. HAUS Real Estate is united in upholding these seven core values.

We Put People First

We are a community of agents who believe in putting people first. We proudly place an emphasis on relationships over transactions. Nothing is more important than empathy, respect, and understanding people. We celebrate diversity, and pride ourselves on building long-lasting, deeply rooted connections with our clients. By placing the emphasis on relationships in all aspects of our work, we believe that everyone involved will ultimately benefit.

Hustle HARD | Stay Humble

Honesty & integrity over pretension. There is nobody that works harder than a HAUS Real Estate Agent, however, we prioritize staying humble. We are transparent, we listen, and we are ambitious individuals who work relentlessly until we achieve the goals of our clients, and ourselves. We try to achieve #Wins everyday while still remaining humble. Our motto is under promise and over deliver.

Create a Community

This is your HAUS. We are a community, working for the community. We are colourful and diverse. We believe in diversity. We create an environment encompassed by collaboration, encouragement, and unity. This core value is exceptionally important. If there is no you, there is no us. 

Maximum Exposure

Our marketing sets us apart. We are all innovative creators who promote a unique way of thinking outside the box. Our InHAUS Media Team are a group of leading-edge visionaries who help carry forward our mission of #MaximumExposure in dynamic ways. Our campaigns embody the people, communities, and clients that we serve. With the use of our Cutting-Edge Marketing, we go all-out to showcase a full-scale and customized marketing campaign which maximizes its potential.


We love what we do. A LOT. Our energy is contagious. We are a spirited group of go-getters that provide unmatched service and enthusiasm for our work. Working with a HAUS Realtor is a special experience. Our characteristics? Positive Energy, Enthusiasm, Humility, Wit, and Integrity. Our passion for what we do is infectious.


Be bold, be a leader and lead by example. We welcome constructive suggestions for internal improvements. If we cannot improve internally, we cannot drive positive change externally. We work in a dynamic and ever evolving business. Our vision is to lead the real estate industry, rather than reacting to it.


Embrace a lifelong commitment to learning and personal growth. Cultivate an open-minded attitude and always look for opportunities to improve, innovate, and evolve. Recognize that knowledge is a powerful tool and work together to support each other's growth. 

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